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RLN began in January 2019 as a way to highlight local Richfield leaders from all different areas of the city on Instagram. With the the onset of the pandemic, RLN became fairly inactive from early 2020 until Spring 2022. It was reinvigorated with the support of Twin Cities Social Cohesion Initiative (TCSCI) acting as its fiscal sponsor. Since May 2022, RLN has served as a true community resource for the City of Richfield.


We are more connected to each other than we realize. Yet, we are also more siloed than we have ever been. As a locally based 501c3 nonprofit, Richfield Leadership Network is uniquely positioned to stand in the gap and serve as a relational router on behalf of the community. 



Richfield is a beautiful community of 37,000 people living within seven square miles. Self identified as The Urban Hometown, the city is a first ring suburb of Minneapolis, and is made up of over 40% residents of color, including 19% identifying as Latinx, 11% Black, 5% Asian, 4.5% as more than one race, and a number of other categories under 1%. Across the Richfield Public Schools District, schools have a minimum of 40%, and up to over 70% of students on free and reduced lunch.

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Expand and strengthen community connectedness within Richfield


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